The Morse Code from URobotiX is an educational electronic set that teaches programming, improves logical thinking skills and explains the basics of electronic circuit design through the inquisitive and exciting challenges.

Morse code provides:

  • fundamental C++ programming skills illustrated in the manual and project-based learning that gives an ability to bring your ideas into reality;
  • circuit design knowledge that improves your understanding of electronic devices;
  • basics of Morse Code encryption, comprehension of data transmission methods.

The set includes:

  • construction details

  • assembly instruction

  • manual

  • Arduino UNO

  • radio receiver RC522

  • 2 alarms (card)

  • 1 radio tag (key)

  • LCD 16×2 with I2C bus

  • 2 LEDs with resistors

  • Potentiometer

  • a model board

  • wires

  • speaker

  • servo SG90

  • screws and screws

  • screwdriver

  • battery holder

  • 6F22 battery

  • additional components


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