URobotiX educational electronic sets teach programming, improve logical thinking skills and explain the basics of electronic circuit design through interesting and exciting challenges. Bomb Deactivator educational kit provides:

  • fundamental C++ programming skills illustrated in the manual and project-based learning that gives an ability to bring your ideas into reality;
  • circuit design knowledge that improves your understanding of electronic devices;
  • basics of numerical systems that are used in a modern tech and algorithms of conversion between different systems;
  • fast mental math skills and enhanced mathematical abilities.

The set includes:

  • construction details

  • assembly instruction

  • manual

  • Arduino Uno

  • two 7-segment 4-bit elements

  • 4 LEDs with resistors

  • two shift registers

  • two buttons

  • potentiometer

  • layout board

  • wires

  • speaker

  • screws and screws

  • screwdriver

  • battery holder

  • battery 6F22

  • advanced components


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