Alien Car educational electronic set is a programmable autonomic automobile that can detect and avoid obstacles, perform complex programmable moves and has a remote control.

Alien Car set provides:

  • fundamental programming skills illustrated in the manual and a capacity to bring your ideas into reality;
  • basics of performing accurate moves with the help of optical encoders and ultrasonic sensors;
  • an exploration of navigation algorithms that use surroundings data;
  • circuit design knowledge that improves your understanding of electronic devices;
  • a yellow brick road to the captivating world of electronics.

The set includes:

  • construction details

  • assembly instruction

  • manual

  • Arduino UNO

  • LCD 16×2 with I2C

  • proto shield

  • ultrasound sensors HC-SR04 (3 pcs.)

  • IR receiver

  • IR sensors FC-51 (3 pcs.)

  • DC motors (2 pcs.)

  • Encoders FC-03 (2 pcs.)

  • L298N motor driver

  • wheels (2 pcs)

  • USB cable

  • LEDs with resistors (2 pcs.)

  • wires

  • screws and screws

  • screwdriver

  • battery holder

  • 6F22 battery

  • additional components


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