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Neighbors can exhale with relief, hearing of this invention. While you are on the long vacation they will not have to water your flowers – for them it will make EcoBox. It is a system that cares about your plants, the phyto-light, and automatic watering system always knows what to do. The device is programmed for each plant individually. All that is needed from the owner only a couple of glasses of water.


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The Ukrainian startup UA-Robotics develops a system for solving the problem in a field of Ecology. They created a device for fast automatic growing plants. Such a system supply all needed nutrition via the watering system, also control and view temperature and humidity. These and other data collected by special sensors, which then transmit it over the Internet for further analysis. EcoBox also features special care for different plants. This device is suitable either for an adult (in the office or home) and children. For the children, the main goal is to learn how to care for plants and be responsible.


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  • November 2015. Our team became a resident of ІоТ Lab Microsoft Ukraine. BizSpark program partnership for three years.